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Date 2020-02-11
The GIDS offers its curriculum in both English and Mandarin Chinese. The curriculum includes fundamental courses in Social Sciences Theoretical Training, Social Science Methodologies, Qualitative and Quantitative Methods, Theories of Social Development, Theories of Economic Development, Theories of Political Development, and Theories of Sustainable Development.
Jenn-Hwan Wang:
Seminar on East Asian Development
Development Studies: Sociology Approach
Economy and Society: Industrial Development in East Asia
Development of China in the Past Half a Century
童Chen-Yuan Tung:
China and the World Economy
Ching-Ping Tang:
Development and Policies
Qualitative Methods
Chien-min Chao:
Political Development of Mainland China
Mei-Chuan Wei:
Seminar on Political Culture and Political Development in East Asia
Culture and Development in Asia
Democracy and Democratization on East and South Asia
Culture, Gender and Development in Asia
Human Rights, Humanitarian Aid and Nations
Hsiaopong Liu:
Seminar on Development Assistance
Seminar on Ethnic Development in Southeast Asia
Yu-Hsuan Su:
Economic Tools for Development Studies
Development Economics: An International Perspective
Poverty and Inequality in Era of Urbanization
Frank Wang:
Global Economics and Business Developments
Global Social Entrepreneurship Developments
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